‘Axel Verwee – Sustainable Fashion Designer, with a passion for creating fashion out of waste and sustainable textiles.’


Graduation Project: FESTIVAL COUTURE

At the Reading Festival in the UK, an estimated 60,000 tents were left behind, to go to landfills. 

This source of waste was an inspiration for my project. With tents collected from Dutch Festivals and a passion for creating fashion out of waste, FESTIVAL COUTURE was created.How can we create a new product of this abandoned tent with an extra value? The beauty of this waste source is translated into a fashion collection. The collection has design elements inspired by the characteristics of the tents and the use of pleats to transform the material into something new.


Death-Stock –

Is an upcoming project, with garments created form death-stock fabrics. Once a year me and my friends go to Antwerp to buy death-stock fabrics from designers. This is fabric that fashion houses bought for the collection or to try out designs. Because they start with a new collection the next season, they sell the acces fabrics to people that are interested in creating something with these high-quality fabrics. With this method fashion houses try to get rid of there death-stock, in a more sustainable way.



Desert Waste

 In the project Desert Waste I worked with al recycled local materials that I scavenged true out the school. With al the waste fabrics I found I made a jacket and trousers. The different pieces of fabric, I dyed in the “same” color to get this desert vibe. The jacket and parts of the trouser are knitted, as knitting is an easy way to connect pieces of fabric to make it in to a new fabric.

Hacked x Denim

The project was a collaboration with dutch denim brand K.O.I (Kings of Indigo). In the project K.O.I gave jeans from their death stock collection. The goal was to give these jeans a new life, you can take everything apart and then start again or you can just add something to the jeans. Hacking the clothing is a way of recycling them, to make something new out of something old.


COWch is about recycling of leather. For this project the city of Rotterdam gave waste leather. The leather was from old couches, and the goal was to make something warble out of the leather. In the process I tried to make no extra waste, so I didn’t cut the leather but used the forms as they were given to me. With the pieces of leather I created two jackets.