Fashion designer from The Hague, The Netherlands. Graduated at the Rotterdam Willem de Kooning Academy in the summer of 2019, with a major in fashion. As a designer Axel creates luxury and contemporary fashion. For the projects Axel enjoys working with sustainable fabrics or waste material, to create a sustainable wearable. Inspiration for the designs comes from the materials he collects, in combination with craftsmanship. The designs that Axel creates are feminine with a little bit of outdoor and sportswear.
His Graduation project “Festival Couture” was an extension of his branding minor in which Axel explored the possibilities of the material Left behind festival tents and all aspects of branding this waste material. Axel continued with the tent waste because I fell in love with the material and was fascinated with the concept to up-cycle the material in something more valuable.

‘GIVING A NEW LIFE TO WASTE,                             BY WEARING IT’